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New Profile Posts

  1. assad koroshati
    assad koroshati tanaka akiko
    hello my dear friend tanaka ..i have good strategy can you make it to ea ??
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    2. tanaka akiko
      tanaka akiko
      Please open a new thread and write the details.
      27 Mar 2023 at 07:12
  2. bayoe12
    bayoe12 tanaka akiko
    Dear sir,
    I backtest Peak(revB-fix2), i find that it only open 1 position and not add any position until Stop Loss.
    i tried to change the parameter setting since it happened on friday 2022 nov 4th, with off hour on 18 and no trade on friday. it still trade after 18 and still trade on friday.
    Maybe in your spare time you could take a look at above issue.
  3. Srinivasa Reddy Guntaka
    Srinivasa Reddy Guntaka Sirojiddin
    Hello friend to get this ea how much it cost , please contact me
  4. taufik yulianto
    taufik yulianto forexhomeschooling
    mohon info,apakah mas masih menggunakan ea pips hunter
  5. taufik yulianto
  6. honeyfrank
    Forex robot latest
  7. John_Smith
    John_Smith Andy4Rum
    Hi mate, have a good ea for me?

  8. Gogo toto
    Gogo toto tanaka akiko
    Could you please tell me which indicator you are using in Basan EA?
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    2. tanaka akiko
      tanaka akiko
      Sorry secret
      04 Mar 2023
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  9. Yohanes Hendra Wulan
    Yohanes Hendra Wulan pamiey
    halo kak,, boleh info preset utk ea super combonya, kak main di modal berapa ?,, terima kasih sebelumnya kak
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  10. Jirge
    Jirge tanaka akiko
    Hello Mr Tanaka,
    can you help me I have an mql4 file that unfortunately contains some errors when decompiling. Could you maybe take a look?
    And I have a strategy in mind that I would like to implement as an EA. We'll have to see if it makes sense. would you be interested My mql4 knowledge is unfortunately very poor.
    I would be happy if I hear from you again.
    Best regards
    1. tanaka akiko
      tanaka akiko
      OK but when I have free time.
      Please open a new thread in soehoe and upload the file.
      25 Feb 2023
    2. Jirge
      Tread means... Hello Mr. Tanaka. Help to create an Expert Advisor
      thank you very much.
      25 Feb 2023
  11. Wael Gad
    Wael Gad tanaka akiko
    Hallo Mr. Tanaka,
    can you help me to maka an expert advisor that depend only in 2 indicators (Arrow and pin Par).
    my idea is when pinbar come in the same direction of arrow so take the trade according tp the pinbar diresction.
    also i want to add some filters as time filter and news filter to stop the EA working before the strong news conditions.
    please tell me if it possible.
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    2. tanaka akiko
      tanaka akiko
      Please open a new thread and attach indicator
      08 Mar 2023
  12. EA_Hunter
    Hi guys this a bot hunter
  13. mike1
    mike1 tanaka akiko
    EA scapper mt5 version please for test
  14. kxoxss
    kxoxss MilesMadlunga
  15. Shahidul4862
    Shahidul4862 tanaka akiko
    hello sir i need your code services,how may reach you?
    do you have telegram?
    1. tanaka akiko
  16. osmanxx
  17. tanaka akiko
    tanaka akiko Mason
    wow, your picture is Japanese yen.
  18. tanaka akiko
    tanaka akiko Mason
    Good! BASAN!
  19. Ekram Adil
  20. benjamin zamora
    benjamin zamora Skylark81
    I posted spartan bolt v6