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tanaka akiko
12 Dec 2017
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01 Jan 1944 (Age: 79)
Home Page:
Friendly EA coder

tanaka akiko

Well-Known Member, 79, from 火星

Credit Hunter

Oh, it is from my blog? It is paid version. 15 May 2023

    1. zhuqinbo
      1. tanaka akiko likes this.
    2. Gogo toto
      Gogo toto
      you create the best forex robots
    3. Gogo toto
      Gogo toto
      Why don't you upload anything to your site?
    4. Gogo toto
      Gogo toto
      Hi Tanaka
      Where did my friend hide?
    5. sunjangkim
      Nice to meet you .!
      I am very happy to know you.
      I ask you one thing.
      Could you modify the EA running in meta4 to be used in meta5?
      Source will be provided. Of course it wasn't made by me.
      Thanks for the correction!
    6. amirthanath
      pls add below option on my EA

      1. Number of Order
      2. Lot exponent
      3. Close Opposite Direction
      4. Basket Profit
      5. Take Profit in Opposite Signal
    7. Ayo Ade
      Ayo Ade
      Hello mr Tanaka please can you do me a favour
    8. Joshen
      hello Mr tanaka akiko, i try your web page but it seems there is an error, can not access it..
      is there any where else that i can contact you ? thank you
    9. maiconmp
      Guys Anyone making money with tanaka akiko's robots please send money to his paypal because we all have bills to pay, tanaka has already helped a lot of people.

      I don't know what's going on at the moment with his financial life but I know it's not been easy to create EA and without anyone helps him at all..
    10. elberfreity2
      Mr tanaka akiko your page web don´t funcionality, I don´t entry your page WEB, can you fix? I am your follower, I dowload EA of you page WEB.
    11. lyazi
      hello tanaka can u please look at my request
      1. tanaka akiko
        tanaka akiko
        I apologize, but creating any more EAs for free is beyond my capacity. However, if you are open to paying for the service, please feel free to request it through my web page.
        19 Jul 2023
    12. jean pedro
      jean pedro
      Ola eu tenho uam ideia como fazer robo ( ele abrirodem por candle ex h1 estop 18 pib 18 telk ex se ele pega telke 0,01 continua mevo volume se ele pega stop prossima vela 0,03 ai quando ele pega telk 0,03 na prossima ele volta 0,01 se ele erra 0,03 vai 0,06 se eraa 0,12 abri por vela tem como ????
    13. Ayo Ade
      Ayo Ade
      Good day Mr tanaka akiko , how are you doing ? are you on leave
      1. tanaka akiko
        tanaka akiko
        Sorry, i am on next new journey!
        13 Jul 2023
      2. Ayo Ade
        Ayo Ade
        whao till when are you going to be available
        14 Jul 2023
    14. Ratel Trader
      Ratel Trader
      Hi Tanaka, nice to meet you, someone recommended your profil ✓

      I would like you to code an EA for a profitable strategy I developped
      1. tanaka akiko
        tanaka akiko
        Yes, pleas open a new thread for it!
        13 Jul 2023
      2. Ratel Trader
        Ratel Trader
        I'm not used to this website, I didn't know what you were talking about "opening a New thread" so I searched and found a link of thread about you and Ahmad Khan

        I wanted to know are you able to code an EA without indicators ?

        I used only Tradingview to make it without indicators, only Price action and knowledges of mine but I can explain everything in details without problem
        17 Jul 2023
    15. tharik
      Hi can you make EA on a strategy which I say
    16. Agsus67
      1. tanaka akiko
        tanaka akiko
        Can you open a new thread and request there ?
        11 Jul 2023
    17. Siddhartha Shankar Das
      Siddhartha Shankar Das
      sir im from bangladesh. i tested your EA basan. reasul is awosome. Now i have some question.
      1) can i added in my live account.
      2) is it free for life time.
      3) if i used in vps, then password protected is needed. so what can i do for this.
      4) which vps better for this EA.
      1. ricardo alfaro likes this.
      2. tanaka akiko
        tanaka akiko
        Yes, it is free.
        You can try in live if you want to.
        07 Jul 2023
      3. ricardo alfaro
        ricardo alfaro
        COMO CONSIGO ESTE EA basan. reasul
        08 Jul 2023
    18. lyazi
      tanaka i have sent u the version with clear text not question marks
    19. lyazi
      hello tanaka please look at my request thanks
    20. shynar100
      hi can u help me create ea with my strategy?
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    01 Jan 1944 (Age: 79)
    Home Page:
    Friendly EA coder
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