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tanaka akiko
12 Dec 2017
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01 Jan 1944 (Age: 78)
Home Page:
Friendly EA coder

tanaka akiko

Well-Known Member, 78, from 火星

Credit Hunter

I am happy if you donate me when you become rich with my EA! paypal.me/tanakaEA 22 Apr 2022

    1. povznak
      hello sir i need your code services,how may reach you?
      do you have telegram?
      1. tanaka akiko likes this.
      2. tanaka akiko
        tanaka akiko
        Please send me private inbox.
        Thank you
        09 Nov 2022
    2. dody0857
      MR TANAKA, I i was download target band, can u give me link indikator for set EA target bands
    3. rudi rupian
      rudi rupian
      hello tanaka, can i now you web ea?
    4. Ozkanim
      Hello Tanaka. I developed a mathematical system. The developers with whom I shared my opinion disappeared after a while. you are an honest person. can you help me? my telegram name: f_x_one
    5. krisegale
      I am forex trader with automated robot software that makes profits consistently. It has been tested 100% Ok. The EA is integrated with a non-repainting indicator of 15min. TF. Please do not hesitate to ask for further clarifications.
      Get a profitable EA with proven demo result: https://sites.google.com/view/peterobi-forexea/home
    6. mmoasia
      i there a way to share the mq4 file on your EA so that others can learn too :)
    7. Sarah2018
      please change Balanse in Balance jn your code
      because in english it s BalanCe

      PutLabel("INFO_txt9",220,130,"Profit for today:";);
      1. tanaka akiko
        tanaka akiko
        Miss spell ?
        03 May 2022
    8. Tamil_Forex
      I Need Good Profitable Expert Advisor More Then 90% On MT4

      Need Scalping Strategy - M5 And M15

      Currency Pairs - Major Currency, Like EURUSD, GBPUSD

      Addon On Money Management

      Lot Multipler , Like 0.01 ,0.02 , 0.03 , 0.04

      Auto Adjustment SL And TP

      Here Attached Sample Auto Adjust SL And TP Video Link : https://easyupload.io/6ypbtm

      No Martingle - No Hedge - No Grid
      1. tanaka akiko
        tanaka akiko
        Please send me very accurate indicator for entry signal.
        30 Apr 2022
        Harish Maurya and Tamil_Forex like this.
    9. hassane12
      i like have ansswer about your quck profit ea if there is any set file please help me
      1. tanaka akiko
        tanaka akiko
        I just use default set GBPUSD M5.
        03 May 2022
    10. tanaka akiko
      tanaka akiko
      I am happy if you donate me when you become rich with my EA! paypal.me/tanakaEA
      1. Bib Badilles likes this.
    11. plug369
      Hi i have a strategy/indicators which cant be shared publicly, tried to get in touch with you via website maybe response went to spam idk ; can you please message me on telegram @kx0036 thank you.. this project is game changer! :)
    12. Tamil_Forex
      Hi Sir , I Need Holy Grail EA
    13. Tonio1
      Hello Mr Tanaka how about that 2 horizontal lines the one you should help me input in the SS indicator you know it already has the ENTRY line with the arrow signal I just need two additional horizontal lines just to mark the STOP LOSS and TAKE PROFIT info given by the indicator. Earlier you converted it to EA based on the owner instructions.Thanks
    14. Tonio1
      The set.file is called GUH4 can it work with all the pairs including xaausd?
      1. tanaka akiko
        tanaka akiko
        Of course yes, you can trade all pairs.
        28 Mar 2022
    15. Tonio1
      Hello Mr Tanaka many thanks for the 2x5ea it's working please I just want to know if it will be taking trades on GbpUsd only reason I asked is because the set.file that came with the ea reads GU
    16. VanFX
      Mr Tanaka, is it possible to use 2 or more of your EA in 1 account for 1 pair currency?
      Should I change the magic number to unique for each of the EA I attach to the chart?
      Because from what I see on the input bar, almost all the magic number for the EA is "1"

      Should I change into :
      EA SNiper for EU magic number "9"
      EA Beast for EU magic number "8"

      Thank You
      1. tanaka akiko
        tanaka akiko
        Yes,if you run some EA in the same account, please change magic number.
        23 Mar 2022
      2. VanFX
        so, as long as I change the magic number on each of the EA, each EA wont distract one and another? even the martingale from EA "A" wont distract martingale EA "B" ?

        thx Mr Tanaka
        28 Mar 2022
    17. Tonio1
      Hello Tanaka it seems you don't want to assist me while you're helping others is there any thing I have done to offend you
      1. tanaka akiko
        tanaka akiko
        Sorry, I am too busy man.
        If have time, I will check.
        PLease leave the URL for it.
        18 Mar 2022
        Tonio1 likes this.
    18. Srinivasa Reddy Guntaka
      Srinivasa Reddy Guntaka
      Hi sir, i have an Ea , for that will u add one future , slippage future in it..... in demo its too good, for real its not
    19. Tonio1
      Hello the expert advisor is just to open trades when the arrow gives alert based on 4hrs and Daily charts. please assist me.I have already attached the arrow before and the screenshot the setting for the arrow is 1,1,1,1, which will also be the setting in the ea.
    20. Shahidul4862
      Ea Zaman Martingale Fix(4)No more than 13 orders please Tanaka Can you fix this.It takes at least 30 or 40 orders to do so
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    01 Jan 1944 (Age: 78)
    Home Page:
    Friendly EA coder
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