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26 Jan 2020 at 05:40
26 Sep 2017
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03 Jan 1980 (Age: 40)
Home Page:
Uffff que preguntas.... :)


Active Member, Male, 40, from Spain

Credit Hunter

I had that idea before but I have not tried it yet ... Yes friend, I can try 19 Jan 2018

winidecorw was last seen:
26 Jan 2020 at 05:40
    1. medis
      Hi everyone, the adviser does not trade with brokers, bought it on the Internet, bought it and does not trade, for example, it does not trade, if someone understands the advisers, then for what reason it does not trade with a broker who will do this, I will I am glad with whom I need to pick up and who will take pictures if he will trade
    2. Mohammad Shah Tarin
      Mohammad Shah Tarin
      HI our friend ,
      Can you help us with the sitting of EA Tahan Banting 3.2.

      thanks indeed
    3. Mohammad Shah Tarin
      Mohammad Shah Tarin
      thanks for your work and enthusiasm. can you tell how to add alert to ab indicator . I know it is a simple task for but difficult for me. thanks again and appreciate . keep on we support you
    4. hansosaka
      Hi, would you do ea for Fiji trend indicator, buy when Green is red tp and sell again in red, buy when old is green and buy again, in cycles like this
    5. Sonaike Mayowa
      Sonaike Mayowa
      Good day sir,

      I've been observing your works within the thread and noticed you are a very good developer judging from your works.

      I have an EA idea i have been manually trading for the last 6 months and will like for you to assist me with coding it if you don't mind.

      Will really appreciate your help.

    6. Sitetalker
      Hello Windidecorw,

      Hope you'll good. I have 2 best strategies to earn for ever. If you can code so please share your review I will share with you.
    7. shanmugam
      i have indicator with logic.. can you make as a EA, how much i need to donate bro
    8. roudix

      i need create a EA but i don t know nothing in the script. my EA will be very easy ;can you help for create it ?

    9. riazam
      hi i need sma13 and macd 5.14.2 sma macd alter type indiactor and ea need
    10. Sukatma Wijaya
      Sukatma Wijaya
      trimakasih sebelum nya
    11. Sukatma Wijaya
      Sukatma Wijaya
      tolong buatin ea dari indikator ini,{ no repainting} saya pake lumayan profit, penerapan nya seperti ini - order jika panah muncul dan klos order jika panah balik arah muncul serta langsung order ke dua dan begitu seterus nya .... ini email saya ; [email protected]
    12. sureshrjpm
      hello sir, how are you?, can you pls create ea for my moving average settings?
    13. BluePanther
      Hi winidecorw,
      Hope you return soon! If you haven't considered, you ought to collaborate with Oshaban and help develop his Currency Strength EA:
    14. sivaprasad
      Hi Friend,

      Will you please create EA for my indicator which is in Ex4 format. Please reply i will send indicator.
    15. brianthaps
      Hi Bro...came you make an EA for me, indicator im using is quite good
    16. tejas
      hello bro i have 1 indicator want change to ea with TF 1H ABOVE WITH CONDITION

      Mail me [email protected] .then i send picture with condtition buy ans sell
    17. Nagoorthamby Ibras Najeby
      Nagoorthamby Ibras Najeby
      Hello friend can u provide one of ur highly profitable EA for me plz
    18. Shaumeet
      Hello bro.. I have 2 indicators that works Good and Take TP before The Reversal.

      Can you make EA on it?

      One is Buy sell arrows and One Is Take Profit..

      Trade On buy sell and Take Profit When TP arrows Come..

      If we Run it on Chart Of 1M or 5M we Could Get 200 pips Easily..

      Mail me On my Email id Shaumeet at Gmail dot com
    19. Fiuforex
      Hi! I bought an EA 2months ago and now it is saying "Global initialization failed" l was just wondering if you can manage to fix that so that it works. The EA is an exe file. please let me know as l really want the EA to work because l only used it for 5weeks only. Thanx
    20. Ayo Ade
      Ayo Ade
      Please, can you help me with my indicator for EA

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    03 Jan 1980 (Age: 40)
    Home Page:
    Uffff que preguntas.... :)


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