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06 Jan 2019
26 Sep 2017
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03 Jan 1980 (Age: 39)
Home Page:
Uffff que preguntas.... :)


Active Member, Male, 39, from Spain

Credit Hunter

I had that idea before but I have not tried it yet ... Yes friend, I can try 19 Jan 2018

winidecorw was last seen:
06 Jan 2019
    1. sivaprasad
      Hi Friend,

      Will you please create EA for my indicator which is in Ex4 format. Please reply i will send indicator.
    2. brianthaps
      Hi Bro...came you make an EA for me, indicator im using is quite good
    3. tejas
      hello bro i have 1 indicator want change to ea with TF 1H ABOVE WITH CONDITION

      Mail me [email protected] .then i send picture with condtition buy ans sell
    4. Nagoorthamby Ibras Najeby
      Nagoorthamby Ibras Najeby
      Hello friend can u provide one of ur highly profitable EA for me plz
    5. Shaumeet
      Hello bro.. I have 2 indicators that works Good and Take TP before The Reversal.

      Can you make EA on it?

      One is Buy sell arrows and One Is Take Profit..

      Trade On buy sell and Take Profit When TP arrows Come..

      If we Run it on Chart Of 1M or 5M we Could Get 200 pips Easily..

      Mail me On my Email id Shaumeet at Gmail dot com
    6. Fiuforex
      Hi! I bought an EA 2months ago and now it is saying "Global initialization failed" l was just wondering if you can manage to fix that so that it works. The EA is an exe file. please let me know as l really want the EA to work because l only used it for 5weeks only. Thanx
    7. Ayo Ade
      Ayo Ade
      Please, can you help me with my indicator for EA

    8. Ahmad Khan
      Ahmad Khan
      Hi Winidecrow, how are you? I have a best indicator called Radar signals, I have decoded it in to MQL file, if you can make an EA out of it, I will be grateful.
    9. gowdham2014
      hi i have best strategy r u coding?
    10. Amit yadav
      Amit yadav
      sir .. i need your help i building a ea ..... i have all situation .... please ...
    11. mohsen
      Hi winidecorw , is the ML RSI TMA indicator repaint? if No, can you share the EA based on just ML RSI TMA with or without SL & TP?
    12. Gan Zorig
      Gan Zorig
      Hello Winidecorw, did you see my indicator and the idea? This is very important, the only way to avoid sudden risks. Please, see the post asap. Thank you.
    13. chedly
      Hi winidecorw ,any news Tradeonix Ea ...? thanks
    14. koffi.fx
      hello haw are you i have a good ea but it work only in backtesting i want to decompile to MQ4 to full work in chart live can you decompile it for me ?
    15. Jpsicotrader
      Ahh, que lleva solo unas semanas,, ok.. Pues todo llegara.
      Sobre el EA que controle a otros, no es por el tema de SL ni TP, es para que dentenga y deje funcionar en el momento que se le diga a cualquiera de los EA que se le diga.
      por cierto, de donde eres-? Acabo de ver que eres de españa?
    16. Jpsicotrader
      Se me pasaba..Dices en uno de los post del foro que creas EAs, sobre algun indicador... Pero solo con el indicador? Desde 0 tambien?
      y solo por saber.. se puede crear un EA que controle a varios otros? Estos sin el archivo mql4
      1. winidecorw
        03 Mar 2018
      2. winidecorw
        Pero en el primer post de mi hilo, tienes Ronz, para controlar los SL TP Trail SL, puedes ponerlo en modo oculto, y controla todos las operaciones abiertas en cualquier par.

        Espero tu estrategia bro!

        Un saludo!
        03 Mar 2018
    17. Jpsicotrader
      Hola, he visto su foro.. Me ha hecho gracias eso de que ya estaba harto de traductor,,,jajaja.
      lastima que haya poca actividad, para una cosa asi..
      Has podido conseguir algo bueno en este foro?
    18. S.mustafa
      Hi How are you,,,,, it is very difficult to get Good strategy,,Just because of Market Movement,,,there is alot but i have an idea,,,create EA systematically but EA create big loss per Trade no need profit on Demo,,,,if we got 100% loss then we can reverse Trade on live Account,,,with any copier hope you understand my idea,,,
      1. winidecorw
        19 Feb 2018
      2. S.mustafa
        Copy i will hope you Create a Ea that make loss then we can reverse on live Thank you
        20 Feb 2018
      3. S.mustafa
        Hi friend dis you understand my idea ???
        20 Feb 2018
    19. sojib
      Hello Bro,I have another good nrp indicator..Which can be good.More than 60% win rate.with RR 1:5 .
    20. leenazen
      Hi I'm leena I got a profitable strategy so that I will send my indicators and I will explain my strategy
      are you ready to build my strategy?
      1. winidecorw
        Hi leena

        I'm ready to try :)
        24 Jan 2018
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    03 Jan 1980 (Age: 39)
    Home Page:
    Uffff que preguntas.... :)


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