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Forex Copier, aka MT4 Copier 3.3

Other sell similar tools >$200 to $1.000 but free here in soehoe.com

  1. Just an Update

    Please try on demo account before use it on real account! Use at your own risk!
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  2. Free EA Forex Copier, aka MT4 Copier v3.2

    We are sorry, just a small update.

    Please try on demo account before use it on real account! Use at your own risk!
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  3. Free EA Forex Copier, aka MT4 Copier v3.2

    EA ini dapat digunakan dimana saja, baik di PC maupun di SocialVPS.net, baik untuk akun real maupun untuk akun demo. Ini adalah update sementara. Masih akan dipost lagi update di akhir bulan ini.

    Silakan diuji dulu sebelum menggunakan di akun real. Gunakan dengan resiko Anda sendiri.

  4. Robot Forex Copier Soe Hoe

    Please download and attach to any chart. One chart is enough! It will copy all pair.

    Sorry for any inconvenience may happen due to update delay :ok:

    Futures added:
    It will automatically enable hidden pair. You don't need to show all pairs, the EA will do it automatically when needed!

    Good Luck
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  5. Update 15 January 2021

    We are sorry for late update!
    If you need more Features we will update soon this January.

    Please post your request or question. Our moderator will review your request and will implement it soon.

    Thank you for your attention!

    Use it with your own risk! Try on demo before using on live account.
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  6. Update in Master Copier SoeHoe.ex4

    This update is to fix issue in Master Copier SoeHoe.ex4
    Please use this new update and replace old Master EA.

    No need to update Slave EA (! EA Forex Copier SoeHoe v2.8). The problem only at Master EA.

    Thank you

    Update ini adalah untuk memperbaiki kesalahan pada Master Copier SoeHoe.ex4. Silakan menggunakan Update terbaru ini, dan hapus EA Master yang lama.

    Anda tidak perlu memperbarui Slave EA (! EA Forex Copier SoeHoe v2.8). Masalah hanya...
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  7. Fix en error when re-running

    This update is just to fix some problem. No logic changed.
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  8. Fixed recheking issue after new MT4 update

    All reported issue Fixed. You can use it with unlimited MT4 at the same machine without any issue for now.

    We recommended you to use this EA at VPS SSD for faster speed.
    This VPS package are using SSD and DDR4 ECC:
    -Classic Pro France
    -Classic Master France
    -Classic Top France
    Visit https://SocialVPS.net for more information.

    This EA is FREE forever at SocialVPS.net, without expire date.
    If you are using this EA outside SocialVPS.net then please contact us periodically to extend...
  9. Remove some allerts and settings

    -Remove some annoying alerts
    -Remove some settings to avoid misunderstanding
    -Reduce latency setting. You can adjust it to sweet your need.

    Do not use too many accounts at one VPS. You may need to reduce latency if you load to many MT4 copier in one VPS, to ensure copier stability.

    Please post the feature suggestion in this tread. We will try our best to implement your suggestion.

    This EA Copier is free forever for SocialVPS.net user.
    This EA Copier is also free for everyone for a...
  10. Update menghilangkan alert 7 days

    Update ini hanya untuk menghilangkan alert saja. Forex Copier tetap bisa bekerja di dalam VPS dari SocialVPS walau ada alert. Saya masih akan update lagi fitur Online Copy. Trimakasih, salam sukses :)