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shady mohamed shata
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22 Aug 2019 at 21:45
10 Sep 2016
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14 Jun 1983 (Age: 36)

shady mohamed shata

Active Member, Male, 36

Credit Hunter
shady mohamed shata was last seen:
Viewing thread ShadyScoopy FREE Martingale+No marti+Safty+News Filter, 22 Aug 2019 at 21:45
    1. zeefx
      hello please check the rar file you drop at the forum post for forexchief EA v2.5, the Ea file is not inside, please the file you attached .
    2. assad koroshati
      assad koroshati
      سلام عليكم كيف الصحه عزيزي محمد
      انا من زمان في الفوركس لاكن كله خساره كان معي هل عندك روبوت جيد و ترسله الي او تدلني عليه هنا في هذا المنتدي او مكان اخر و تساعدني ان استرجع بعض ما خسرت الصراحه تعبت من البحث و لحد الان لم اجد الحل ممكن تساعدني اخي محمد اخيك اسد ... و شكرا يا عزيزي
    3. william tew
      william tew
      TQ Shady, Your SandySoft working, But DD still high, I will try to modify maybe is the Broker spread issue, but anyway, TQ of your kindness.
    4. Ammad
      I want to know about your EA.. shadysoft running on account 220050270 FBS real2.

      Can I have it ?
      How long is it running how safe is it
    5. Michael c
      Michael c
      Please help with Af global Fiboscaler
    6. axelj
      salam how to fix just 1 trade ( af scalper ) ?
    7. Aleksey2015
      Здравствуйте,а как можно приобрести у вас советник Th3Eng Pharaoh V2
    8. Md altaf
      Md altaf
      Boss please send your mail id
    9. ser7777777
    10. Fxrohit
      Hello sir, I am new to this social platform. So I don't know how to post..
      I like your hard work which gives us best reward.. Thank you very much..
    11. 1101326120d
      hello,my AFS has alert dialog,please ,what should i do? this afs is your show version
    12. gaetano
      hello, i have seen your thread about af global. I have bought a copy but don't have a good setting. Can you send some setting?
    13. MitraFx
      hello shady, i am follow you and assalamualaikum i hope Alloh Bless you and your family, nice to meet you
      Thx u
      1. shady mohamed shata likes this.
    14. joyxp
      greetings I would like to be if I could modify the AF Scalper since it only opens 11 operacoines and does not sige making coverages could you modify it and leave that parameter free?
    15. aguscimo
      thanks sir. i am from Indonesia Wassalam.
    16. ana melissa joao paulo
      ana melissa joao paulo
    17. richard221
      Hola..,me puedes mandar el AF-GLOBAL a [email protected] ?,El que publicaste esta dañado...Gracias
    18. Md altaf
      Md altaf
      I need af scalper
    19. panda88
      Hi, can you recommend the capital/each pair to safe enough for $ account?
    20. assim
      ممكن اخ شادي ان تضع الاكسبيرت في موضوعك الاخير من دون ملف الضغط كونه لا يفتح معي...مع جزيل الشكر
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    14 Jun 1983 (Age: 36)