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shady mohamed shata
Last Activity:
20 Sep 2019 at 18:08
10 Sep 2016
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14 Jun 1983 (Age: 36)

shady mohamed shata

Active Member, Male, 36

Credit Hunter

https://t.me/XMSHADY 16 Sep 2019 at 01:47

shady mohamed shata was last seen:
20 Sep 2019 at 18:08
    1. yogan
      Hi Shady bro, i saw many of your EA in this forum, which one you recommend ? safest/performance good for long term?
    2. amine13
      Hi shady i need your help in Renko Exepert please i want to change the lot
    3. shady mohamed shata
      1. amine13
        Hi shady i need your help in Renko Exepert please i want to change the lot
        17 Sep 2019 at 02:40
    4. Marco Rossi
      Marco Rossi
      Hi shady, please send me the new version of PipFinite indicator. my email: [email protected]
      Thank's Marco
    5. Xeon75
      Salam bro..i'm using your ea trend no martin trailing but i confused about magic number?should we put different or just the same magic number?please reply
    6. afaghi
      hi bro.indicator th3thing havnt rington?
    7. claudiu
      hola shady por favor no tomes en cuenta a los perdedores o a los perdedores es un trabajo grandioso este indicador muyy bien hecho sigue asi y piensa en los que valoramos tu trabajo y aportacion
    8. zeefx
      hello please check the rar file you drop at the forum post for forexchief EA v2.5, the Ea file is not inside, please the file you attached .
    9. assad koroshati
      assad koroshati
      سلام عليكم كيف الصحه عزيزي محمد
      انا من زمان في الفوركس لاكن كله خساره كان معي هل عندك روبوت جيد و ترسله الي او تدلني عليه هنا في هذا المنتدي او مكان اخر و تساعدني ان استرجع بعض ما خسرت الصراحه تعبت من البحث و لحد الان لم اجد الحل ممكن تساعدني اخي محمد اخيك اسد ... و شكرا يا عزيزي
    10. william tew
      william tew
      TQ Shady, Your SandySoft working, But DD still high, I will try to modify maybe is the Broker spread issue, but anyway, TQ of your kindness.
    11. Ammad
      I want to know about your EA.. shadysoft running on account 220050270 FBS real2.

      Can I have it ?
      How long is it running how safe is it
    12. Michael c
      Michael c
      Please help with Af global Fiboscaler
    13. axelj
      salam how to fix just 1 trade ( af scalper ) ?
    14. Aleksey2015
      Здравствуйте,а как можно приобрести у вас советник Th3Eng Pharaoh V2
    15. Md altaf
      Md altaf
      Boss please send your mail id
    16. ser7777777
    17. Fxrohit
      Hello sir, I am new to this social platform. So I don't know how to post..
      I like your hard work which gives us best reward.. Thank you very much..
    18. 1101326120d
      hello,my AFS has alert dialog,please ,what should i do? this afs is your show version
    19. gaetano
      hello, i have seen your thread about af global. I have bought a copy but don't have a good setting. Can you send some setting?
    20. MitraFx
      hello shady, i am follow you and assalamualaikum i hope Alloh Bless you and your family, nice to meet you
      Thx u
      1. shady mohamed shata likes this.
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    14 Jun 1983 (Age: 36)