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Who has tried indicator from www.tradest.io

Discussion in 'Indicators dan Tools' started by roysan, 04 Jan 2020.

  1. Abdul Simba

    Abdul Simba New Member

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    MT% Indicators

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  2. Rainbow Sparklepants

    Rainbow Sparklepants New Member

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    I am replying to this thread simply because Tradest.io is a big scam. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. First off, I am not an expert nor am I making $10k a month on trades. I have been trading stocks, Forex, and crypto for four years but approach is part-time. I'm not new to the field but have learned a lot and continue to learn more each day. Regarding the Tradest.io script, I bought the script in February 2020, reviewed the Pinescript (it only runs on Tradingview), and immediately sent them email back.

    First, the script is essentially using EMA crossovers to provide buy and sell signals. There are several higher quality indicator scripts and strategies on Tradingview that essentially provide the same features. Search for HA EMA Crossover or BUY SELL scripts and you'll get a few good hits. There is NOTHING SPECIAL about the Tradest.io script, in my opinion, and it is a total waste of money. You are able to find similar indicators on MT4 marketplaces or on Tradingview itself.

    Second, the Tradest.io site claims to have a money back guarantee. Well, I have been emailing them since February 2020--it is now May 2020--and have not heard back one single line from them since purchasing the script. As I said, once I received the script, I immediately emailed them back since my review of their work was the script is just using EMAs and was their marketing was bogus in its claims. Again, the actual script they provide you is NOTHING NEW that I haven't been using for years now.

    Third, and I want to restate this again: DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS SCRIPT. It is a scam and you're able to get better indicators, on Tradingview at least, that do the very same thing.

    Save your money for furthering your own trading education.
  3. roysan

    roysan New Member

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    Thanks brother for your warning. God bless.

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