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  1. Budiman Cahyo CPA
    "Good Brokerage Holding"
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    1 month as client and join master copy, morethan 1200% i got and now rank 3 global trader using this brokerage holding https://t.me/Mexatlantic, it mean brokerage credibel price market, no plugin maker and compare with other broker (roboxxxx, fxx) still good price and thats why i got profit morethan 1200% more 30 day more https://www.myfxbook.com/members/ninjaforex/high-probility-copy-master-memberforex/10775694
    i have been asking too about secure funding, as ckient we protection by Lloyd insurance, much broker doesnt have it (protection fund third party)

    note : remember, trading is risk, make sure you understand your money and risk.