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Newly Discovery Trusted A-Book Broker - Storm FX Marketz

Discussion in 'Iklan - Advertising' started by viper7o3, 15 Apr 2024.

  1. viper7o3

    viper7o3 New Member

    Ref Point
    Good Day Everyone,

    I recently came across a new broker in the Forex scene, Storm FX Marketz, and I had the opportunity to speak directly with their team. I wanted to share my experience as it might be of interest to some of you looking for reliable trading partners.

    From our conversation, it was clear that the team at Storm FX Marketz is not only knowledgeable about the forex market but also genuinely invested in the success of their clients. They were incredibly informative and transparent, which is always refreshing to see in this industry.

    What really stood out to me was their commitment to adopting the true A-Book model. For those who might not be familiar, the A-Book model means that the broker passes your trades directly to the liquidity providers, which can help ensure that there is no conflict of interest between the broker and the trader. This model is often preferred by traders who seek fair and transparent trading conditions.

    All available Storm FX Marketz tradable assets can be viewed on their cTrader web version.

    Also Storm FX Marketz found a way to reach the USA market while staying compliant with regulatory bodies. They offer what is called HYISA - High Yield Investment Savings Accounts for passive returns upwards of 3% per month. This sets Storm FX Marketz apart from many other brokers in my opinion. I found it on their webpage: HYISA Savings Accounts .

    Also Storm FX Marketz implements social trading over cTrader. What I have learned also from conversation with Storm FX is that they are developing a more integrated Social Trading Platform with more robust Social Trading tracking and tools for replicating other traders, to include a full PAMM, MAM Service.

    Storm FX Marketz was also upfront and honest in that they do not currently hold an actual regulatory license to reach the global market, but they are looking for a regulatory body that will enable them to reach multiple clients globally while maintaining regulatory compliance enabling them to continue offering their competitive products ranging from all instruments to include, Forex, CFD's, Indices, Stock Equities, Metals, and ETF's at the competitive industry standard market leverage of 1:100. They mention their current state for all clients awareness of their licensing and regulation status on their registration authority section.

    It seems that Storm FX Marketz is dedicated to creating an environment where traders have the best chance to succeed, steering clear of the potential pitfalls of B-Book brokers, where risks of manipulation are higher. Overall they seem like a genuine upfront honest team and company.

    They will begin accepting deposits for HYISA and Trade operations by April 16, 2024

    If you're interested in checking them out, here's their website: Storm FX Marketz. It might be worth a look if you're in search of a broker that aligns with trader success.
  2. kamel

    kamel Active Member Credit Hunter

    Ref Point
    This is my review for this thread:
    I'm always impressed by the number of people sharing new brokers. What's the point? There are dozens of very serious ones that have been around for 15 years, and we know they won't disappear overnight. Why trust a new, unknown broker, whose background and reputation we know nothing about, especially when they offer the same services as dozens of brokers that have been around for 15 years?

    Moreover, we can see that the broker you're talking about doesn't have any licenses, so it's a scam even before the broker becomes reputable. I'd bet that this broker is just a front website with its bank account in a tax haven.

    To conclude, I'm giving this note because this broker is 100 times riskier for several reasons:

    It's unknown on the internet.
    The only available reviews are very, very bad.
    There's no license or regulation to enforce your rights in case of fraud.
    Promotion on a forum where 90% of the people are amateurs and will jump at the chance to be scammed.

  3. kamel

    kamel Active Member Credit Hunter

    Ref Point
    1 minute on google and ...

    Attached Files:

  4. kamel

    kamel Active Member Credit Hunter

    Ref Point
    Storm FX Marketz is registered in St. Vincent & the Grenadines as an International Business Company.


    And website is very very simple, coded by novice lol
  5. viper7o3

    viper7o3 New Member

    Ref Point
    I was told those reviews were fake due something called a fintech war where fake review sites charge the broker hundreds of thousands of dollars for making a positive review. Not sure if this is true or not. But I was told this when I questioned the broker. They are very responsive and say they are based out of USA but due to certain investors they are carefully choosing their regulatory licensing to satisfy their current clients so that they do not have to terminate services with them due newly found regulations.

    You can call their number on their website and they answer right away professionally. And I have even made some profits already with them and withdrew twice with in 48 hours received both withdrawals. So I don't think they are a said so scam. Well at least not yet.

    So far so good for me.
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  6. Storm FX Marketz - Owner

    Storm FX Marketz - Owner New Member

    Ref Point
    This review you speak of we always laugh at it because this is a false review. This is a fintech war website. This user never existed in our CRM you know why. Because our CRM was not even active during the time of this fake review post.

    Therefore we were not collecting deposits of traders funds to begin with. Our actual CRM did not go live until the first week of April 2024 after all Spotware cTraders licensing was finalized and compliant.

    So Kamel stating this is a real review has a lot to learn about fintech scams and fintech war:

    This kind of fintech war scam is essentially a form of extortion and manipulation. Here's how it typically works:

    1. Negative Review: A customer leaves a negative review about a fintech company, perhaps regarding their services, products, or customer support.

    2. Demand for Payment: The fintech company contacts the reviewer and demands payment in exchange for removing the negative review.

    3. Threat of More Negative Reviews: If the payment isn't made, the company might threaten the reviewer with more negative reviews or other forms of retaliation, such as damaging their credit or spreading false information about them.

    4. Offer of Positive Reviews: Alternatively, the company might offer to flood review sites with positive reviews in exchange for payment, essentially manipulating their online reputation.

    5. Unethical and Illegal: This practice is highly unethical and often illegal. It's a form of extortion and violates the terms of service of most review platforms. Additionally, it undermines the trust consumers place in online reviews and distorts the reputation of the company involved.

    6. Consequences: If discovered, the company could face legal action, fines, and severe damage to their reputation. Moreover, engaging in such practices damages the integrity of the fintech industry as a whole.
    Case and point check out the review company's review itself: google wikifx review site in trustpilots website

    Hmmm I wonder are you really going to trust a review company who is not even 1 star creditable itself?

    Very knowledgeable in your judgements kamel.

    By the way we are not "a front website with its bank account in a tax haven." we are one of the 5% honest A-Book DMA/ECN/STP brokers you will find on the market. Which is why we chose SpotWares cTrader over metaquotes MT4 or MT5 which we all know has many plugins for B-Book market manipulations which is non existent on cTrader which is the reason and choosing for cTrader platform over Metaquotes. We do not have a way to use plugins to manipulate traders orders on our platform unlike MT4 and MT5 brokers.

    When it comes to license's and regulations many traders are left out when pursuing certain licensing with different regulatory bodies. We currently have clients already that depending on which license is acquired some of them we will have to let go and others will not be able to join. And we do not plan on letting go of our corporate and professional clients which informed us not to get regulated and licensed at the moment.

    We manage high end clients accounts internally through our HYISA accounts with our privately coded internal HFT cAlgos. Legal will only allow me to show certain screen shots below:



    We are not a scam and never will be a scam broker. We plan on being around for decades ensuring clients trust and profitability as a True pure A-Book brokerage.

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