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28 Sep 2023
15 Jul 2016
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Try to find and make honest friends specially in this forum trading a second thing 19 Jan 2023

lia786 was last seen:
28 Sep 2023
    1. Sonaike Mayowa
      Sonaike Mayowa
    2. lia786
      Try to find and make honest friends specially in this forum trading a second thing
      1. juan rulfo likes this.
    3. acyconyx
      Hi Lia,

      Yes, I know... I am in 2002 yet heheh. I read carefully all your Manual Trading method and your Spinner ea and Lia. Are you still trading with your manual strategy? gann+support+ressistance? Thanks
      1. rexibg and lia786 like this.
    4. seagate
      Any news upadate for currency strength slope?
    5. egners
      Hi, I saw you have a vertex indicator, one that I have been looking for for a long time, can you share it with me?
      1. lia786
        09 Dec 2020
    6. salim al hinai
      salim al hinai
      hi lia,

      i just came across to see you u had question and interest on Ea, slightly new in trading please advice which the most stable Ea u been using.

      Thank you and look forward for your reply.

    7. qinglong
      hi lia,i have spend 3days reading oshaban's thread and trying to find out the set of his two EA,NoSleepEAv3.2 and GridAveragerPROv2.1, but still not trust my set.would you please share your set of the EA on your account and the account info ? Thank you very much.
    8. markpinlac
      Hi Lia, can you share the mq4 file of the SQcoreFx robot? hope you dont mind sending it to [email protected] Thanks a lot :)
      1. lia786
        Dear i also took from other website, have no mql4
        30 Dec 2019
        rexibg likes this.
    9. Roderick Ruben Raut
      Roderick Ruben Raut
      Hello there Lia. I am a struggling trader. Can you help me? Can you share me your recent scalping EA? Im hoping for your favorable response. Thank you a lot.
      1. lia786 likes this.
      2. Venkateswarlu Ponnam
        Venkateswarlu Ponnam
        03 Dec 2019
      3. lia786
        I m using a night scalper and for day manual
        04 Dec 2019
    10. Luis Bianuci
      Luis Bianuci
      Hello. Hello Friend. As you have been, I really miss your comments. You have very clear things!
      1. lia786 likes this.
      2. lia786
        yes my friend you are best and you are doing wonderful work
        15 Nov 2019
        Roderick Ruben Raut likes this.
    11. lia786
      Not programmer you can say nothing
    12. francesca
      Hi let me write to you I have an indicator "Ultimate arrows works very well in tf 30 min and 1h, I wanted to ask you if it is possible to do an expert I am not able with that indicator and to put that an operation in buy is opened when from the seganle, and closes it when the sell signal is formed .... I pay you a problem the money but I need this expert, like a costum ea
    13. Adianto
      Hi Lia786, can you please give me advice about setting "useful ea"? Pair and TF? Thanks.
      1. lia786
        dear if u asked me i simply doing manual entry on daily chart where reversal start building and then put No sleep EA in this forum just to use buy if my entry at buy and sell if my entry as sell then i put this formula in few pairs with start of week and let whole week run.
        by this way i getting consistant and good profit
        never use any other time frame only DAILY. PAIR ANY
        lot 0.02 step 30 profit 30
        25 Oct 2019
        juan rulfo and geojalencar like this.
      2. lia786
        bro without your brain no ea can predict market accurately and now a days where brexit,trump speech election and war on table.
        do little study in forex focus on daily time frame which give you accurate signal and then let the ea run either in buy or sell whole week.
        25 Oct 2019
      3. Adianto
        Thanks Lia786
        31 Oct 2019
    14. lia786
    15. TraderJam
      where you from lia?
    16. Hakim Selamat
      Hakim Selamat
      hello lia do you mind to share scalping ea ?
      1. lia786 likes this.
      2. lia786
        which ea you need scalping ea which scalping ea ?
        09 Nov 2018
    17. levi medeiros
      levi medeiros
      Can you send me the robotron v23? thanks
      1. lia786 likes this.
    18. massimo1974
      hi lia786 my pleasure to meet you. for a while I follow the forum. my experience with the forex was disastrous. I lost over 20k euro in binary options with 24option. I've been looking for an expert advisor for years to earn around 1k or 2k euro a month to work from home with trading. could you recommend one to start with 1k or 2k of deposit? currently I have 3 working accounts with xm alpari and pepperstone with vps. thanks for the advice, good trading
      1. lia786 likes this.
    19. vinvlad
      Hi lia. I am testing the version Robotron 1.6all for now on a demo. If it's not difficult for you, discard the version v22_fix - put it in parallel on the test. Compare the results.
      Thank you for sharing.
      [email protected]
      1. lia786 likes this.
    20. victor uk
      victor uk
      hello lia how are you........
      1. lia786 likes this.
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