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New Profile Posts

  1. frxdhs
    frxdhs Joerg Kappler
    Hello friend
    I need backtest tickdata for 99% quality for over 5 years.
    how can I cat it freely ?
  2. Budiman Cahyo CPA
  3. suryaangga07
    Hi Traders, I'm elliott wave enthusiast
  4. Hoang Trong Lam
  5. JoVinix
    JoVinix tanaka akiko
    Halo Mr.Tanaka, apa bisa buat ea 7 candel m.30 , dari open market
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    2. JoVinix
      Rule : stop loss ada di HI Low 7 candel m.30 , apa bila kena stop loss maka ea akan switching marti
      28 Apr 2024
    3. JoVinix
      Rule : jumlah marti
      28 Apr 2024
    4. tanaka akiko
      tanaka akiko
      English please
      28 Apr 2024
  6. Wildan G
    Wildan G forexhomeschooling
    Hello how I get MEF lifetime please
    Thank you
    1. forexhomeschooling likes this.
    2. forexhomeschooling
      24 Apr 2024
  7. Milos34
    Milos34 kurama87
    Hi Kurama do you have Vondereich V1.5 EA? Please could you share with me.
    1. kurama87
      check your dm bro
      19 Apr 2024
  8. yonif
  9. Budiman Cahyo CPA
  10. chris12345!
    chris12345! rpfslb
    Bro can I have that indicator w the green arrows
  11. arianto
    arianto tanaka akiko
    Is there an EA that orders every 4 hours, once every 10-20 pips floating, if it doesn't float, doesn't enter again in the next 4 hours, only enters when it's floating
    1. tanaka akiko
      tanaka akiko
      You can use TF H4
      and open order every candle and TP=10
      No stoploss
      and if price move xxx pips, then open additional order at a next bar (TF H4)
      09 Apr 2024
    2. tanaka akiko
      tanaka akiko
      What is buy and sell trigger?
      09 Apr 2024
    3. arianto
      11 Apr 2024
  12. Budiman Cahyo CPA
  13. Bagongbip
    Bagongbip Agus Mardiyanto
    Boleh saya pm ?
    1. Agus Mardiyanto likes this.
    2. Agus Mardiyanto
      Agus Mardiyanto
      WA 0896 2324 0555
      04 Apr 2024
  14. Ravi Raja
    Ravi Raja tanaka akiko
    When ea starts it opens one buy and one sell pending orders with the distance we defined in pipedifference input setting

    [1] at start price will go to either sell order buy order and it will take profit and rest pending order will be deleted
  15. Ravi Raja
    Ravi Raja tanaka akiko
    1. tanaka akiko
      tanaka akiko
      01 Apr 2024
    2. tanaka akiko
  16. Budiman Cahyo CPA
  17. Budiman Cahyo CPA
    Budiman Cahyo CPA
  18. tanaka akiko
    tanaka akiko
    If anyone has 90% accurate indicator, please send it to me.
  19. Albert Mbuyi Luboya
    Albert Mbuyi Luboya tanaka akiko
    Hello Mr Tanaka
    Please Can you send an Universal EA for MT5 or helpe me to fix what i have "FRZ indicator automate" please
    1. tanaka akiko
      tanaka akiko
      Sorry, i don't know mql5
      20 Mar 2024
  20. aagil
    aagil Khalid Awan
    i have created a bot for your strategy