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The Holy Grail of MT4 Brokers + free VPS!

Discussion in 'Iklan - Advertising' started by infasc, 12 Aug 2017.

  1. infasc

    infasc New Member Credit Hunter

    Ref Point
    Hi MT4 Users,

    There’s a fantastic UK broker that offers the best conditions for FX retail traders, especially regarding spreads, price feed and execution quality - VALUTRADES:

    - Name and domicile: Valutrades Ltd., London (UK) [https://goo.gl/u3dVwS]
    - Broker typ: true ECN
    - MT4 server location: Equinix Data Center NY4, New York City (USA)
    - MT4 server time: GMT2 (DST)
    - Regulation: FCA, UK [https://goo.gl/PdHxZK]
    - BaFin registered: yes [important for German clients]
    - Segregated funds of clients: yes, @ Barclays Bank PLC, UK
    - Deposit insurance: yes, within FSCS (up to 85.000 GBP)
    - Negative balance protection: 100 %
    - Customer support: multi-lingual
    - Trade offer: Forex, CFD's & Commodities [80+ symbols]
    - Demo account: free, same conditions as live [https://goo.gl/HdtA4H]
    - Minimum deposit: 100 USD
    - Minimum investment size: 0.01 lot
    - Standard leverage ECN: 1:100 / Stop Out: 50%
    - MQL5.com signals: yes
    - Spread examples (pips averaged): EURUSD = 0.2 , USDJPY = 0.3 , GBPUSD = 0.5
    - Commission: 6 USD per lot round-turn (rebate see below!)
    - Deposit fees: no
    - Withdrawal fees: first 3 withdrawals per month are free
    - Independent user votes: https://goo.gl/ud7dLv

    Every client that performs at least ONE trade per month and maintains at least 100 USD margin gets a fully sponsored high-end CNS VPS (up to 50 USD). It is „cross connected“ (also labeled „on net“) to the Valutrade’s MT4 server with only about 1 ms latency. You simply can click „mail in / sponsored“ @ CNS when paying. We recommend to choose the „Elite Traders VPS“ with an upgrade of RAM to exhaust said 50 USD of sponsorship:

    You can also get an instant rebate on commission for all FX ECN pairs incl. Gold and Silver in the amount of 1.20 USD. Thus you will only have to pay 4.80 USD per lot round-turn. Click the link below to get your cashback + free VPS by opening your live account @ Valutrades under our IB:

    Our personal live account @ Valutrades:

    If you have any questions regarding Valutrades feel free to write an e-mail:
    [email protected]

    Best regards and happy trading,

    Team MT4 UNCUT

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