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SS7 Trader Who selling Nexus Indicator he Scammed me

Discussion in 'Signals & PAMM' started by salamvid, 07 Nov 2019.

  1. salamvid

    salamvid New Member

    Ref Point
    Hello everyone

    i was scammed from Muhammad Talha Who uses the name SS7 Trader online and Who selling Nexus Indicator Which offers a paid signaling service for binary options trading for 50$

    Before subscribing to his signals service : I asked him to give me a trial day inside the VIP channel, he was rejected my request .. sometimes is publishes 4 successful signals, sometimes 5 win 1 lose in Free channel as a result only !

    After days I Subscribe to VIP channel for $50 I paid him money on 22 October 2019 I started using the first signals on 1 November 2019.

    - in the first day 1 November 2019 : he give as 3 signals lose / 1 win = i lost from my capital money 24%

    i made deposit Again to compensates the loss !

    - the second day 4 November 2019 : he give as 2 signals lose / 1 win = i lost Again from my capital money %

    My plan was to trade at 10% to take 4 win trade 1 lose ( For example ) to make evre day 24$ or 5 win trade 2 lose .. But his signal was False and fraud !

    I stopped taking the rest of the signals And I came out of his VIP channel .. and asked him to return the subscription amount I paid 50$

    he receives my letter messages and read but he refuses to answer

    This is the last time I subscribe to paid signals because most of them are Scammers -
    Is there a way to get a refund like filing a claim in Skrill ?


    After this message he never Respond any more

    guys is there a way to open Dispute in Skrill ?

  2. thong

    thong New Member

    Ref Point
    I don't understand why you trust in binary signal like this. All is scammer. If you want to invest in PAMM and get back money even more in the future if you use compounding profit with stable profit 15-20% per month , not a huge or dream profit in one month to become rich in short time. Inbox me.

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