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Restricted by ESMA? Here's How To Trade Over 1:30 Leverage

Discussion in 'Requests and Suggestions' started by sam love, 02 Aug 2018.

  1. sam love

    sam love Member Credit Hunter

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    Hi All Traders,

    To everyone out there trying hard to make life better for you and your family I pray you achieve your goals no matter what you going through right now, Never stop believing and never stop working smart you will get there.

    The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has agreed on measures on the provision of contracts for differences (CFDs) and binary options to retail investors in the European Union (EU). 1. Leverage limits on the opening of a position by a retail client from 30:1 to 2:1, which vary according to the volatility of the underlying: · 30:1 for major currency pairs; · 20:1 for non-major currency pairs, gold and major indices; · 10:1 for commodities other than gold and non-major equity indices; · 5:1 for individual equities and other reference values; · 2:1 for cryptocurrencies; 2. A margin close-out rule on a per account basis. This will standardise the percentage of margin (at 50% of minimum required margin) at which providers are required to close out one or more retail client’s open CFDs; 3. Negative balance protection on a per account basis. This will provide an overall guaranteed limit on retail client losses; 4. A restriction on the incentives offered to trade CFDs; and 5. A standardised risk warning, including the percentage of losses on a CFD provider’s retail investor accounts.

    BlackBull Markets are not impacted by the recent Leverage caps enforced by ESMA. Clients of BlackBull Markets can still access leverage on FX of up to 1:500.

    Trading conditions and customer service are excellent. I have had a very good experience and would definitely recommend BlackBull.

    :ok: Link : http://bit.ly/2LOFFxq

    :ok: Link: http://bit.ly/2LOFFxq

    forexpeacearmy Reviews :

    Link : http://bit.ly/2LOFFxq

    I wish you All the Best .
  2. giomantov

    giomantov Member Credit Hunter

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    This should be so nice :) never tried it but it should be the best. Watch that ms velocity performance!!
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