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purple bills system for automatic determination of market patterns

Discussion in 'Expert Advisor atau Robot Forex' started by loverhh, 20 Nov 2021.

  1. loverhh

    loverhh Well-Known Member Credit Hunter

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    This text come from the sharing website... are not my words:

    Hello everyone, today we have a review of not one indicator, but a whole series of indicators that sell for $ 89.99, but we will get to know them for free !!! All this is called the Purple Bills System,there are many indicators, but I really liked the indicators that automatically determine the price action and harmonic patterns.

    There are many indicators and everyone will find something to their liking, there are arrow indicators, trend indicators, oscillators, information indicators showing the strength of the trend, etc. But as I wrote above, I really liked the indicators for automatically determining price action and harmonic patterns,i will tell you a little about them.

    Indicators can determine
    Pure price action patterns:

    • Double top and bottom
    • Triple top and bottom
    • Bullish and Bearish pennat
    • Head and shoulder
    • Falling wedge
    Pure price action harmonic patterns:

    • The Gartley pattern.
    • The butterfly pattern.
    • The crab pattern.
    • The deep crab pattern.
    • The shark pattern.
    • The ABCD pattern.
    • The BAT pattern.
    Indicators draw patterns well and with high quality, each pattern is signed, not redrawn. These indicators are suitable for both a beginner and a professional trader, they will help you easily detect patterns and make further decisions, although graphic patterns are quite a powerful tool, but you should not rely only on them, it is recommended to use them as a confirmation signal to your strategy, AND DON’T FORGET ABOUT CORRECT MONEY MANAGEMENT!!!

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  2. dascore

    dascore Member Credit Hunter

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    Thanks for these harmonic patterns indicators.

    Last edited: 23 Nov 2021
  3. aimnoin

    aimnoin New Member

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    looks like this isn't the right one ..
  4. loverhh

    loverhh Well-Known Member Credit Hunter

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    no? than share the right one.. or share pictures... so that we can find over our piplines of sharing
  5. blackking

    blackking Well-Known Member Credit Hunter

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    Seems this indicator is for price action traders,
    but usually to know harmonic pattern trader need a harmonic scanner, if there are indicators usually only used for a specific pattern like as Gartley, it will show pattern Gartley and not another pattern.
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