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Night Monkey EA

Discussion in 'Iklan - Advertising' started by overdrive90, 16 Apr 2018.

  1. overdrive90

    overdrive90 New Member

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    This system works quietly on the market before the closing of the New York session. Advisor trades deviations from the market. If the transaction does not close with profit before the close of the session, the robot completely freezes its work until the spread is reduced. After the normalization of the spread, the adviser continues his work and tries to close the deal with maximum profit before the opening of the European session.

    Backtest: https://www.myfxbook.com/strategies/night-monkey-ea/140985
    Real test (from 03/28/2018): https://www.myfxbook.com/members/overdrive90/night-monkey/2395274

    The key element of the advisor is the correct choice of time zone .

    It is recommended to disable the work of the Expert Advisor on the days of important news, and it is recommended that you turn off on Friday, if important news falls on weekends, because this can lead to a gap in the direction you do not need.

    • A large number of pairs in work can significantly increase the level of diversification, which in turn increases the stability of trade.
    • Transactions are not overdrawn, not averaged, not martinjatsya.
    • By the opening of the European session in 99% of cases, all transactions have already been closed.
    • A large number of transactions. Trade almost every night.
    • Virtual stop orders.
    • Low balance to start conservative trading.
    • Very simple setup. To start trading, you need in the settings only to correctly specify your broker's time zone.
    Recommended currency pairs and spreads
    • EURAUD - 2 points
    • EURCAD - 2 points
    • GBPAUD - 3 points
    • GBPCAD - 3 points
    • GBPCHF - 3 points
    • GBPUSD - 2 points
    • USDCAD - 2 points
    • USDCHF - 2 points
    • AUDCAD - 2 points
    • AUDCHF - 2 points
    • CADCHF - 3 points
    • GBPSGD - 5 points
    • USDJPY - 2 points
    • GBPJPY - 2 points
    • EURGBP - 2 points
    • EURCHF - 2 points
    Recommended balance : $ 150 when trading in all pairs of lots 0.01.

    • GMT Offset is the most important parameter. This is the time zone of your broker. Before commencing a trade, make sure that it is set up correctly!
    • Magic Number - the ID of the Expert Advisor. It is necessary for the adviser to be able to distinguish his transactions from the transactions of other advisers.
    • Fixed Lot - the volume of the transaction.
    • DepoOnFixedLot - how many units of deposit will be used Fixed Lot. Those. at 150, the lot will be calculated as 0.01 for every 150 units of balance. At a value of 0, a fixed fixed lot will be used.
    Buy or test: https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/28755

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  2. suguram

    suguram Member Credit Hunter

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  3. bibiya

    bibiya Member Credit Hunter

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    here only for free share
  4. newtrader(1)

    newtrader(1) Member Credit Hunter

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  5. mastercool

    mastercool Member Credit Hunter

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    Tick quality 25%? Are u serious?
  6. NeoBatavia

    NeoBatavia Well-Known Member Credit Hunter

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    Do you find it hard to sell this on mql5, so you need to sell it here? Hahaha.....

    Ciao Mate, say goodbye for this thread.
  7. Acura

    Acura New Member

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    Neo, Good catch!
  8. alessandromagno

    alessandromagno Member Credit Hunter

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    This is my review for this thread:
    Real test is good but too short. Expectancy is very low (1,4 pips). Since the R:R is 1/1 (good) it needs to improve the winnings % to get nice earnings

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