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naked chart vs default indicator vs modified indicator ?

Discussion in 'Diskusi Umum' started by puturex, 08 Jan 2019.

  1. puturex

    puturex Member Credit Hunter

    Ref Point
    so I want to ask you guys what is the best strategy naked chart, default indicator or modified indicator
    question :
    1. why you pick that strategy
    2. how you trade with that strategy
    3. pros and cons about that strategy

    thank you :h:
  2. Generalfx

    Generalfx Member

    Ref Point
    I would prefer a modified indicators made by a reliable trader who trades for living. I know several names out there like InLuk, Zahwi Scalper and others. Why modified indicators?

    1. Handmade (has several rules that works after several trials and errors)
    2. Proven (several ppl giving it for free cuz there's no point of selling it since they already made profits from it)

    At first I was doubtful with these indicators. So it's better to test it out first before putting your money with it. I personally test it on cent account on FreshForex first before bring it to real account.

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