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My monitor, my signal and pamm account and strategy backtest 99,9%

Discussion in 'Signals & PAMM' started by #LoveYourDream!, 03 Feb 2018.

  1. #LoveYourDream!

    #LoveYourDream! New Member Credit Hunter

    Ref Point

    Hello everyone of SoeHoe forum!
    I want to introduce you my forex trading strategy with real money account, live statistics,
    signal and pamm account, real time notifications and 14 years backtest 99,9%

    This free Ea and my set is my gift to you... https://soehoe.id/survivor-set-and-99-9-backtest.t9936/ :)

    ---------- ABOUT ME ----------
    I am a full-time trader with more than 6 years of experience and I always strive to improve myself, my skills and my strategy. After years of studies and many tests, this is the trading strategy that I use in my mt4 to grow my real money account, making money and achieving my financial goal. I don't use dangerous techniques, no grid, no martingale, no arbitrage. I invest my money in my account only with solid manual systems with strict rules and automated systems with a long backtest.

    ---------- STRATEGY ----------
    My strategy stems from the idea of maximizing profits by creating a right compromise between the quality of operations, risk and long term reliability. The strategy uses breakout and scalping systems that follow a proper money risk management and five different techniques based on the daily/weekly/monthly analysis of the major currencies. The techniques used are two manuals and three automated expert advisor and have a dynamic stop-loss/take-profit about 15/150 pips. The strategy is constantly optimized and monitored by me and works on my secure private server always online.

    ---------- BACKTEST ----------
    Every experts advisors have been testing since 2004 in a pejoratively way to test the reliability of success in all real market conditions. The backtests are carried out with 99.9% of tickdata quality and the results are profitable from 14 years to date with very good performance. In the long back-test the robots have high and low moments, as it is normal in the financial market, but always confirm excellent results every years. You can see also a complete reports and backtest's video.

    ---------- REAL ACCOUNT ----------
    My real account is connected to regulated broker as Zulutrade, Roboforex and DigiTrade, here is the full back-test of my automated strategy, the full statistics are on Myfxbook and FxStat and closed signals are updated directly from my account to Twitter.


    If you have any questions, no problem, ask me as well.

    Trading in the financial market is a high-risk-financial activity, everyone must evaluate their own risk.
    The publication of this personal strategy is only for information and purposes and not represent an invitation to invest in any way.
    The past, present and backtest performance shown is not a guarantee of the same future results.

    Last edited: 16 Feb 2018 at 00:19
  2. gruben

    gruben Member Credit Hunter

    Ref Point
    Thanks. Seems to be a good one

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