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20 Dec 2015
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    1. nounou
      hello sir, please please please help me with a great EA to profit from forex, really i need your help, here my email: [email protected]
      thank you so much
    2. mm358
      Hi Trevor.
      I'm trying MonkeyPips in 2 bro live account. A-book,B-book. The entry is slightly different due to noise.
      I want to try a new one. Is it the one in mql5 update ?

      I want...
      "lotSize ()" should be executed before "display ()".
      Since the spread noise, the direction may be recognized in reverse, improve it.

    3. Stephen Edevo
      Stephen Edevo
      Hello trevor, pls can I get more info on the monkey pips EA to my email; [email protected], Thanks
    4. Manvel Tonoyan
      Manvel Tonoyan
      i'm interested in monkey pips ea
    5. shamanjay
      Dear trevor,
      I saw your ea is brilliant
      Can i get monkey the newest version?
    6. dingzhaoning
      Monkeypip.v305, is there a setup file, I like this
    7. Juanito M
      Juanito M
      hello What happen with raw income , I have tried in demo a works very well
    8. CeeJay
      Hi Trevor. I just wanted to ask if you still use Monkeypips EA or that it is still available ? I have interest in it to test it out and when satisfied, to buy your EA. Can you please let me know something on my personal email [email][email protected][/email] please ? Many thanks.
    9. engin
      hi trevor i use FXpro real account i lost 3.999$ after i earned 5000$ from 2000$ deposit but lose in 3 months later darn :( pls i need ur help to tell me what i need to do i test monkeypip.v305 its great on fxpro on real i testing on 200$ today it earned 2.76$ pls help me what i need to do or tell me a great EA pls email me or whatsapp= [email protected] whatsapp = +90 506 104 8024 pls help me if u know any great EA or any helps pls i wait ur reply by email or whatsapp pls
    10. darren mills
      darren mills
      hi trevor, just sent email to yahoo account. please check
    11. kkb2k8
      Hi Trevor,
      I like to talk to you or chat with you or please mail me at [email][email protected][/email]
    12. Isumi
      hello trevor. nice ea monkey pips.! good.!!
      by the way, not working. caz key is invalid.
      what's key.?
      please send me.
    13. Pocari
      Hi trevor this my account 59724
    14. cbarg
      i'm interested in monkey pips ea
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