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21 Oct 2020 at 05:09
01 Mar 2018
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happy 01 Mar 2018

Sarah2018 was last seen:
21 Oct 2020 at 05:09
    1. lengkhim1
      Hi, may you give me a profitable EA with small deposit, lower 500$
      1. 1337br
        hello mate, please send this ea
        12 Sep 2020
    2. sivashankar91
      you have uploaded Ilan-TrioKS v1.47
      Is this same AF-Global EA?
    3. assad koroshati
      assad koroshati
      hello sarah how are you
      i am in forex for very long time but i loos a lot in forex ..... can you help me and get me very good EA for i can use it...Maybe I can recover my losses
      thank you my dear sarah
    4. Clifford
      Hello Sarah,

      Can you send me Fxcharger ? How is it working for you ?
    5. Clifford
      Hello, how long have you been into forex. Not often do I see pretty ladies like you around. I am in America. Where are you ?
    6. markyforex
      Hi, I hope you're still active here.. Can you please share the latest EA that you have? the one that can handle $50 or $100 acct.. can you please share the best EA you have there? thanks a lot!
    7. Marcelus Xavier Oliveira
      Marcelus Xavier Oliveira
      Hi Sarah, I have seen many comments on several EAs but it is too difficult to identify the most profitable (like Tanaka's for example). Can you send to me the EA.ex4 and .mql for analysis? Thank you so much.

      [email protected]
    8. Julien
      Salut Sarah j'ai vu que tu tradais avec un ea ca te dirais d'├ęchanger?
    10. Nelson82
      Hi, can you share with me the profitable EA that you mentioned in Mr Tanaka thread? Thank you.
      My email is [email protected]
    11. Johan ismail
      Johan ismail
      Sarah, nice to meet you, i like ea mega fx, but i dont know which the best set file. Do you have set file for ea mega fx for balance 100$ ??
      1. Nafeel likes this.
    12. manh pham
      manh pham
      hi Sarah, I am new here, which Ea are you using is profitable now? can you share please? thanks
    13. CrptoJJ2019
      Hi, Sarah2018, i am new user, do you have a AF Global Expert 2019 o 2019, unlimited? thank You Jorge
    14. m.p.s.
      Hi. Info your ea. Thanks
    15. olorunsola Saint
      olorunsola Saint
      I have been on binary (IQ Options) my account was blocked with over $6K (capital and profit). I am only trying to get my feet back please. I appreciate you
      1. giomantov
        U can use dukascopy
        04 Jan 2019
        olorunsola Saint likes this.
    16. olorunsola Saint
      olorunsola Saint
      eklatant Sarah2018 Please share. I need something to be profitable this year for me please. Anything you can share for free and this EA(eklatant) U use. Thank you. my email is [email protected] and telgram address is @Saintsola
    17. mohareza
      hi sarah.i am newbie in forex.and i lost many money by a martingle robot.do you know a trusted robot that can make not too much but reaseanoble and safe money in forex.if you do just kindly give me a link.thanks in advance.
    18. venkaforever
      Hi Sarah.....
    19. DarkDamien
      Hi Sarah, I recently came across one of your replies in a post but I forgot the thread, just like to ask did you actually purchased from Budgetforex.com (Kringle or what the name is it)

      I always wanted to buy to try out cheap EA systems, but I'm afraid that they may use your credit card or payment details for other purposes.

      Have you tried purchasing in GregForex.

      What are your thoughts.

      Thank you.

    20. Guz Trolini
      Guz Trolini
      Hi Sarah2018,

      How do you use the PZ_DayTrading indicator for your day trading?

      Thank you
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