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01 Dec 2022 at 13:35
23 Jan 2016
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Active Member, Male

Credit Hunter

Hello, I am not using this EA, because it does not work as I wish. 10 Oct 2021

jozmik was last seen:
01 Dec 2022 at 13:35
    1. jozmik
      Hello, I am not using this EA, because it does not work as I wish.
    2. migas
      Hello friend, how are you? I have seen that you have the MtPESA in use and you have results. I have been reading the forum and I would also like to try it, I wrote my email to the author but he has not sent me anything, would you be so kind to share it with me? greetings from Venezuela bro

      [email protected]
    3. rezalkhawarismi
      hello buddy, nice to e-meet you. I read your comment about ecn robot v1,3 in the first you said good, but in the last you said not making profit again? is the bot blow your account? no safe? because I already using this free bot, that posting in this post, but not running, if good I want to buy. please answer my question buddy, thank you.
    4. jozmik
      Hi gui2015jnd, which EA is interesting you please?
    5. gui2015jnd
      I would like to talk to you, send me your whatsapp please friend
    6. gui2015jnd
      hello mate, how are you? everyone keeps posting backtest in demo account, we are already tired of knowing that in the demo account this robot is incredible, can someone really give useful information about real account, and if it works in icmarkets without spread
    7. profit56
      Alright i'll pm you
    8. jozmik
      Hi profit56 I am using PayPal
    9. profit56
      Hi jozmik , I hope you are having a good day
      I actually need some help for a transfer and i was wondering if you use PerfectMoney or Paypal. Do you ?
    10. jozmik
      Hi phil10, nice to hear you. Sorry for Witek, I know nothing where is he.
    11. phil10
      Hi Jozmik, Im phil09 did you remember? I want to start my forex business again with my old friends, but lost them. Do you know how about Witek?
    12. gabovzla
      Jozmik yo también quieroRobotron v22 EA de forex mi correo es [email][email protected][/email]
    13. HUsnaiin
    14. jozmik
      For now the Titan scalper is the best EA. I have default messages and I trade on many pairs, main pairs and others.
      1. HUsnaiin likes this.
    15. HUsnaiin
      HI, I have few questions just for learning purpose, I will be thankful to you for your answers.
      1)You were testing TiTAN EA on live Account? How was your experience?if good than please explain in details, if not what other ea you are using in your live account, I mean ea which really works for you
      Thanks in advance
    16. jozmik
      Please tipe in your browser search "EA Opto 123 v1.2 settings". I think that you will not find any good recomandation for this EA. The EA settings are very complitated and need a lot time. So I am not searching the right settings more. Maybe I am wrong......?
    17. Mohd rafizan bin menhag
      Mohd rafizan bin menhag
      Hi jozmik,sory disturb u,do u have the best set for opto123 1.5?
      If have,can u share for me?
      1. jozmik
        I need some time 1 week or more. Sorry.
        25 Feb 2018
      2. Mohd rafizan bin menhag
        Mohd rafizan bin menhag
        Tq very much jozmik
        25 Feb 2018
    18. jozmik
      Be kind! And
    19. arup ghosh
      arup ghosh
      Hello jozmik, can u say the best settings for spartan bolt which is working for u?
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