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29 Nov 2021 at 13:16
31 Mar 2016
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Engineering Specialist and inventor.


Active Member, Male, from Nigeria

Credit Hunter
Godwin was last seen:
Viewing thread BF Scalper PRO, 29 Nov 2021 at 13:16
    1. Vu Duc
      Vu Duc
      MT-PESA-V3-1-Oluka(06-10-2021) I just wanted a blueline ea that worked and didn't expire
    2. hwang younggul
      hwang younggul
      Xpert_Oluka (new )
      Are you a bot you coded?
      can you give it to me
      My email => [email protected]
    3. Nassim El ouardi
      Nassim El ouardi
      hope you're doing well and having an amazing week so far, I just wanted to tell you I finally made a sustainable EA that you can really trust on for the longterm I've backtested it with 99.90% tick data, and has no history reading code inside but this EA need a trailing stop and step option it can make up to 150% monthly I just need a trailing stop for this and you'll earn the Ea as well
      1. Godwin
        Send the source code let me see.
        07 Jul 2021
        Nassim El ouardi likes this.
      2. Godwin
        07 Jul 2021
        Nassim El ouardi likes this.
    4. Satya Sheela
      Satya Sheela
      Hello Godwin, I saw many good things about you in this forum. Hence I thought let me talk to you about Xpert EA. One of my FB friends showed his real account statement of Xpert EA. It is excellent. Whatever people talk about this EA is big BS. He said just made the Trailing Stop to work. Is there any way you can modify this and make the TS work ?. Please let me know . [email protected]
    5. wjann
      Hello Godwin.
      Can you send me the xpert_oluka version of the mq4 file?([email protected])
      If you don't have the mq4 file, can you tell me which part of the existing xpert's coding has been modified to make the oluka version?
    6. papa j
      papa j
      Hello Godwin.
      I saw on this platform many things you have done and how u'v helped many members of this forum by coding and modifying ea for them. U really did a great work.
      Please Godwin, i need ur help. I want to integrate some of the indies i found on this forum into my 2 ea's and add trade timer to it. I hope u can do it.
      Please help a brother.
      I'll be thankful for ur favourable reply.
      1. Godwin
        Hi papa
        I have been doing this for a long year now, and I can do virtually all coding work.
        You can explain what you want alongside mq4 files.

        Thanks for your interest in me
        28 Mar 2021
      2. papa j
        papa j
        Thank u very much for a favourable reply. Please check ur inbox.
        30 Mar 2021
    7. hoang minh nhan quang
      hoang minh nhan quang
      how about expert EA ? it's work or not sir ?
      could i know your setting with golden_asset EA v2.5 ?
      1. Godwin
        I am still working on it now to make it better, before I will make it public again.
        28 Mar 2021
    8. lamolamo
      The Reindeer scalper pro full robot is not working on my account. how can i use
      1. Godwin
        I have not used it before, I only saw it on other site and decided to share here.
        14 Feb 2021
    9. nanang nuki
      nanang nuki
      pls help me godwin
      can you share ea GOLDEN_A $$ € T (Scalper) full version for me
      [email protected]
    10. nanang nuki
      nanang nuki
      halo godwin, kenapa pertanyaan saya tidak dijawab?
      bolehkah dibagikan ea GOLDEN_A$$€T ( Scalper ) full version
      no expired
      terima kasih
    11. hgjgjhg
      this EA works for you in MT4?
    12. hgjgjhg
      1. Godwin
        Reinder is not my EA, I just got it from a site and decided to share it. I have not used it before.
        04 Feb 2021
        hgjgjhg likes this.
    13. nanang nuki
      nanang nuki
      hello bro
      how do i get ea
      AmazonPhotos.zip full version?
    14. karkaree
      hi brother
      happy christmas
      do u have some good indicator arrow no repraint for binary plz
      1. Godwin
        I don't use indictors.
        26 Dec 2020
    15. Jhon Lennox
      Jhon Lennox
      Hey Bro... can you please send me xpert_oluka.mq4 I want to add some functions.
      1. Godwin
        Sorry, Is no longer available.
        18 Dec 2020
    16. serezha
      Hello, please share the unlimited version of the robot GOLDEN_A$$ET(H) ex. 4
      1. Godwin
        Sorry, I don't have that EA again.
        04 Nov 2020
    17. jcurihuil
      Hello Godwin, First of all I wanted to thank you for your work at xpert ea. What is the final version of the corrected robot? They shared many and I do not know which is the version that does work in real. Could you try any in real? had good results? Thank you!
    18. Jusaez
      Hola godwin Estoy haciendo bt a GOLDEN_A $$ ET (H) _Pro.ex4 pero ha caducado. ¿puedes compartir una versión operativa, por favor?

      Se ve muy bien ...
      Ty de antemano¡
    19. Trader_02
      Hey bro, I'd like to thank you for the Oluka expert. it's been great so far. Thanks bro hope you keep helping us with all that knowledge.

      Cheers dude :ok:
    20. GOLD TRAN
      I want to code 1 EA (semi-automatic) entry and exit logic: EMA Cross, RSI + MultiTimeFarm.
      can bro help me - i will send information to bro

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    Engineering Specialist and inventor.