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New EA I ll code your successful strategy to an EA

Discussion in 'Expert Advisor atau Robot Forex' started by FXFerrari, 08 Sep 2018.

  1. FXFerrari

    FXFerrari Member Credit Hunter

    Ref Point
    You have:
    - A successfull strategy which has exotic features where nobody here on this or other board had the ability to code it
    - prooven 4 weeks or more running strategy on fxblue or another system with viewable trades
    - a detailed description with exact rules how to code
    - optional several type of trailing methods(for example ema trailing) or filter(for example pivot, sma....) from my library coded from the last 5 years
    - The will to show the results here...

    - I have a idea
    - please code an EA of this indicator
    - no repainter(normally a RSI-indicator "repaints" 2 last candles cause it draws the last closed(No2) new and also the actual candle(no 1) which worthless): proove it in strategytester before you request(I know the mostly repainters from the last 8 years)!
    - Risky trading(Grid, martingale, pyramiding, hedging, recovery mechanisms, no sl, news...)
    - "Ready" coded Eas where to add features; Exception create some new settings for optimizing...
    - No M1, M5 strategies or quick pips strategies...I prefer H1 or higher
    - No strategies with lower R:R than 1:1.5(where 1.5 is the TP)

    You get:
    - Free coded the strategy if I think it is worth and it is interesting for me
    - The ex4 file limited of 3 months for testing

    You have to do:
    - Test on 90% data when you have a system with closed candles
    - Test on 99% data when you have a system with non closed candles
    - Send me the results from M15, M30, H1, H4, D1 from the 8 main pairs= 5x8 =40
    We can change every information on the platform from my former software company where I m finished 1 month ago working this winter(I live in the south of this earth)

    - We make changes and you get the finally coded EA..(Not for selling!)

    No one of this point is discussible because it is a 100% free service!
    Read everything I have coded the last 25 years and this free offer is therefore extraordinaire good!
    No sellers(or people who behave like trolls here)!
    Three last one:
    - I will do only a few and focus on them! Quality over quantity!
    - I have not to proove someone something here!
    - You can t send me pms to prevent the people who weren t able to read the text here...but I ll send you a pm if your are interested...
    Last edited: 09 Sep 2018
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  2. FXFerrari

    FXFerrari Member Credit Hunter

    Ref Point
    Made sum changes on the description...
  3. FXFerrari

    FXFerrari Member Credit Hunter

    Ref Point
  4. blackking

    blackking Well-Known Member Credit Hunter

    Ref Point
    Saya masih suka belajar trading manual nih, tapi kalau ada ea yang aman dan low risk
    mungkin akan coba trading dengan ea, kalau jadi programmer kayaknya bisa dapat duit dari bikin ea.
  5. FXFerrari

    FXFerrari Member Credit Hunter

    Ref Point
    Kunzima kakhulu ukuguqulela yonke into kwaye ngokuqinisekileyo ndiyenzi!

  6. Kim Zalabim

    Kim Zalabim Member Credit Hunter

    Ref Point
    I have a consept that I would need some help with.
    I have been testing a few dashboard EA that use currency strength as basis for opening positions.

    What I find is that it is working good when trend is strong, but in ranging marked it ends up opening sell positions and the bottom and buy at the top.
    So then I tested some reversal software and that gave good results when the marked was ranging.
    So, how to combine those two scenarios?

    What I found is that it was quite consistent in terms of winning and losing baskets.
    often it will win 4-5 baskets and then lose 4-5 depending on market ranging/trending.

    What I wonder if it would be possible to modify the attached EA with a new parameter.
    Reverse trading:True,False or Auto.
    Reverse trading false:everything working as is, buy when strong sell when weak.
    Reverse trading True:It will open sell when the EA gives buy signal and buy when EA gives sell.
    Reverse trading Auto: in this case it will start trading with Reverse trading false, if the basket close in profit, it will keep trading next basked with reverse trading false. If the basket is closed in loss, then the next basked will be using Reverse Trading True... keep trading to next basket closed in loss, then switch. The idea is to use reverse when ranging and default when trending.


    Attached Files:

  7. FXFerrari

    FXFerrari Member Credit Hunter

    Ref Point
    Please read my first post for the conditions for my coding...otherwise you find me at the beach :)

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