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Suggestion Forum Scammers and Backtest Billionaires Part 2

Discussion in 'Sistem dan Strategi Trading' started by Klopp433, 21 Jan 2020.

  1. Klopp433

    Klopp433 New Member Credit Hunter

    Ref Point
    To add further to my earlier post, an interesting observation I've made from my research is that most people who fail to break even in trading forex in the long run turn to teaching forex while others become mt4 expert and indi developers of the latest non-repaint indicators, no wonder we have many bad systems floating around and many hopeless students. This has brought about a wild goose chase, a holy grail kind of thing for newbies. Where else would one take all the knowledge gathered from learning systems and folder drives of expert advisors and indicators but to open up an academy. If all systems sold were profitable we wouldn't be having updated versions, forums youtube streams and subscription classes. As it stands we continue to have Back test Billionaires. Another market opening up is retail sales of expensive expert advisors where you see an crakced version for an expert worth USD 2,999 going for USD 29.00 Inviting isnt it. This things all don't work. What ive gathered its better to be master of 1 trade than a jack of all trades. Why dont' the experts in the field tell newbies that just learn one art, one specific currency and everything around its eco system. They'd rather tell you jargon like breakout, nfp, poc value zone, neuron, algo etc. Ever notice there's always a new Big word in trading. Well here's the truth 97% of strategies in the internet don't work. How many times have you practiced that break out strategy or harmonic fibo combination to name a few?

    In a market where everything is going on first we must stop to check what's going on. I liken the forex market to a a dance floor, where there's alot of noise from the music going on and every one dancing to the tune. There is one problem though, there is only one girl and everyone wants to take her home. Some dancers want to do it within 5 minutes, others 15 minutes, some 1 hour, another 4 hours provided its within the day and a few select prefer to take their time and get to know her well. This may be in the course of the week or the month. The problem here is the girl is choosy and picky. At one time she loves trendy music another time she is all moody with her moods ranging up and down.

    So in bid to win the girl over the dancers dress up with the latest technology and opt to read the latest news about wooing a lady online never mind all women are different, while all the while not talking to her and getting to know her.

    Now armed with the knowledge of wooing her and the confidence of studying all dance moves The dancer take to the dance floor the minute the music starts playing.

    .......withing 2 hours the dancer realises the girl isn't interested in the music and prefers to sits down while the dancer is up.

    In a bid to save face the dance consoles himself saying "they will play better music next time"
    He goes to where other dancers are and they tell him .."I've been in the game for long, i know all the music (never mind he has never sang any song) and dance moves. I'll teach you how to get that lady.

    Big boys are looking....
    Other dancers are dancing and singing loudly....
    Back test billionaires are at the corner spots .....

    Unless the dancer switches of the music and the lights he will never have her.
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  2. jooo00000

    jooo00000 Member Credit Hunter

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    This is my review for this thread:
    Klopp is the best
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  3. Narutopips

    Narutopips Member Credit Hunter

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    You have said it all.

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