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New Profile Posts

  1. Emmanuel Tunda
    Emmanuel Tunda
    Hey guys, i am thinking of creating a telegram group/channel for trading memes, is this a good idea? any advice?
  2. Nauris
    Nauris Celestino

    are you still using life changer EA?
  3. Prince Chidiac
    Prince Chidiac Bilionaire
    Hello. I contact you about FX PIPS BLASTER EA. How can I use it efficiently ?
  4. Anis40
    Anis40 Rektor
    please how to trade with your indicator
  5. Jhon888
    Jhon888 ferth
    Hey bro I am part of an awesome group about algorithm trading in Barcelona, it's Ferran Font's new course and group, and we have many great programmers the idea is to send the the source code of this indicator in order to make it even better, Thanks in advance for your reply. [email protected]
  6. jooo00000
    ID Paypal: K9D8S9W8K3YVN
  7. jooo00000
    ID Paypal: K9D8S9W8K3YVN
  8. Rektor
    Focus Offline Classroom to educate traders on EW trading strategy.
  9. umar rasheed
    umar rasheed aszain01
    can you send me the bss scalper
  10. aka47
  11. aka47
  12. syarif hidayat
    syarif hidayat
    copytarade octafx,for invormatiom please contact my
  13. syarif hidayat
    syarif hidayat
  14. hwang younggul
    hwang younggul Andy4Rum
  15. Chefmac
  16. Sukatma Wijaya
    Sukatma Wijaya jooo00000
    hai jooo00000, tolong buatin ea
    1. julitop10
      24 Jan 2020 at 23:24
  17. ezequiel89
    ezequiel89 jollibee
    hello friend good morning, do you still use the Xpert robot? if yes can you send me the unlimited version of it please?
  18. gioungo
    gioungo Rektor
    pls. how to use the indicator?how to bu and sell?..thank you
  19. gioungo
    gioungo Rektor
    good morning..how to use the profitable indicator sir?thank you..plss...
  20. Signal_Premium
    Menerima kelola dana dan edukasi/signal premium.Modal kelola dana Rp 100k Contact : WA/Telegram +6285765897417