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New Profile Posts

  1. Pablo Buchanan
  2. Kikel1976
    Kikel1976 m.p.s.
    Hello Mps, I found your trading system on the break in the London session very interesting, could you give me some more example to understand it better? How do you avoid false breaks? thank you
  3. Holas
    Update your status...
  4. Kapo28
    Kapo28 hammadjoia
    can you share AF Scalper Administrator License version please?
    regards kalle
  5. Kapo28
    Kapo28 Pablo Buchanan
    Dear Pablo, can you send me AF Scalper Administrator License version please?
    regards Kalle
    1. Pablo Buchanan likes this.
  6. Kapo28
    Kapo28 ZAFARJOIA
    please send af scalper 2019 free copy and license
    thank you
  8. FilipeC2
    FilipeC2 Augusto Cesar
    Olá Augusto, eu vi que vc teve otimos resultados com o EA Breeze em Dax30 na sua conta demo, vc tem o set que usou para compartilhar, eu tbm moro no Brasil se quiser conversar sobre EAs meu whats é DDD 55 991898082 grande abraço!
  9. zeko2019
    zeko2019 asasas
    I need MTF_SuperTrend - Settings + Indicators Please
  10. afandee
  11. yupet
  12. Sheafer
    Sheafer tanaka akiko
    Hello your EA_Vulkan Profit.ex4 looks great.

    How can I close orders on opposite arrows
  13. zhuqinbo
    zhuqinbo Traderasb
  14. Leomessi16
    Leomessi16 As Wibowo
    Bos... bisa share software untuk backtestnya? dan EA yang Bos test itu dengan deposit 300

  15. olorunsola Saint
    olorunsola Saint afandee
    Hello afandee , Can You give meyour GR Pro EA profitable set files.Please sir? What do i have to do
  16. Gnyba
    Gnyba afandee
    Hi I have change IB on my FBS account and send you allready a copy of e-mail to [email protected] :)
    Can You give me a GR Pro EA with unlimited time and profitable set files ?:)
  17. danyroad
    No... I didn't. I am just trying to use hard stop loss... I am sorry if you feel like this. The problem is that the whole game is a crap. :)
  18. zeko2019
    zeko2019 Ronaldo Marcel
    I want help in settings please
  19. Edgar011
    Edgar011 buffalo
    Can you please send me a license for the dragon expert EA?

    My ID real account: 13227755
  20. zeko2019
    zeko2019 Ronaldo Marcel
    How are you brother
    I want to talk to you about a program I want to know good settings