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Discussion in 'Expert Advisors or Forex Robot' started by Eddy San, 20 Apr 2022.

  1. Eddy San

    Eddy San Member Credit Hunter

    Ref Point
    Halo salam traders!!

    Ingin memperkenalkan EA Epic Forex Scalper:

    EA Epic Forex Scalper

    1. Trade strategy is Grid / Averaging positions until TP, sometimes will hegding positions.
    2. No SL (because averaging)
    3. Lot for everygrid using multiplier (Martingle)
    4. Filter option for entry positions
    5. Suitable on major pair (so far GBPUSD adn EURUSD)
    6. Custom settings for users
    7. Trade time available
    8. Equity protection (Cut loss settings) available
    9. No Auto Compound

    EA Epic Forex Scalper
    have two options, entry with filter signal, or without

    If with Filter:
    EA will open positions when match the filter setting

    If without Filter:
    EA will open Buy and Sell once run the EA in chart (this will become hedging style trading)


    Parameters (you can input based on your decisions):

    Detailed Report from mt4:

    Trade record MQL5:

    Every purchase you will get:
    1. EA Epic Forex Scalper (Will lock Account Name and Acc Number)
    2. Recommended settings
    3. Presets file

    Recommend use this EA:
    Equity below 3k USD ---- Use in Cent Account
    Timeframe GBPUSD M1, EURUSD M5
    Please keep in mind, the key using grid strategy is on the power of equity...

    The result shown is until this post created.



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    Last edited: 20 Apr 2022

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