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Copy trade/ Account management

Discussion in 'Signals & PAMM' started by jlyonforex, 27 May 2021.

  1. jlyonforex

    jlyonforex New Member

    Ref Point

    If anyone is interested in account management services , please pm me or message me on telegram lyon2006.

    generally trade gbpusd only. 15-30 percent dd depending on your risk. I’m up 70 percent this month. Fx book to verify as we book our results on a live account.

    70/30 split with accounts over 2k.
    50/50 for accounts below.

    we provide the vps. All you have to do is provide mt4 data.

    You only pay when we make profits. Also, this is manual trading and not an Ea

    profits will be paid weekly via skrill, gcash, bank wire. Please let me know if interested.

    Thank you.
    Ps , we may start a pam in future if we get enough interest.

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  2. Fahimfuaicnsbfjs

    Fahimfuaicnsbfjs Member Credit Hunter

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    Hey, would you be able to trade a funded account with really good benefits? If you're interested I'd PM you :)
  3. BraveNine

    BraveNine New Member

    Ref Point

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