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Suggestion Backtesting Data Quality 99.90% Free Metatrader 4

Discussion in 'Requests and Suggestions' started by xmenedgar, 21 Oct 2018.

  1. xmenedgar

    xmenedgar Member Credit Hunter

    Ref Point
    I give free Backtesting 99.90% service, please
    upload the configuration file if you have it, in case you do not have it, I will backtenting in default setting.
    main parameters:
    1 - currency to be backtesting
    2 - timeframe
    3 - initial deposit
    4 - max spread
    my backtesting if free with broker tickmill, Leverage:500 commission: 0,004% (commissions depends on the currency, - major pairs is 0,004%) each lot, with swap, with stopout, etc. with fixed spread, and with any currency ()

    (only with pm) If you have a specific broker, I charge only 10 dollars, it is cheap,
    - why ?, because there are a lot of people wanting to lose time to others and I want to avoid that situation, and because it takes me a little time to collect data such as swap, commissions charged by the broker, stop level, gmt of broker, etc, so that the backtesting is perfect as possible

    (only with pm) If you have an expert advisor that has many configurations, and you want me to try to find the most profitable configuration, the cost is only 100 USD or Bitcoin (from m1 to daily) (pm me), (this cost is only while I am encouraged, because it could take the whole day and in the future I'm sure I will not want to do more, this price is also to keep away from those who want to make me waste my time with expert advisors that really are not profitable like waygrow_edu.ex4 and others, and this is not my business it's just a favor while I feel like doing it) all the backeting that I make will be sent in zip to verify that I have tried in In case of failure, if I found an excellent profitalbe configuration I will send you with pm the better setting file and timeframe ( terms and Conditions: In case I can not find an profitable set file, you will not recover your money, why? because there are a lot of people wanting to lose time to others and I want to avoid that situation).

    I found this ea Master scalping here in soehoe, and I share it for all,
    observation: if the backtesting is 100% profitable, does not mean that it will work in real account, it is necessary to first test in demo with vps


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    Last edited: 21 Oct 2018
  2. alaakenanah

    alaakenanah Member Credit Hunter

    Ref Point
    Thx but how i can know the expert reading history please advise thank you
  3. xmenedgar

    xmenedgar Member Credit Hunter

    Ref Point
    only testing the ea and with his dependencies, the condition to Read File with dll

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